Look Both Ways

Photography Advice on Camera Positioning

Sometimes you wonder why some photos pop and others just kinda lay there like a blah lump of colors?  Why didn’t that spectacular image your mind saw show up on the image you thought you were saving when you clicked?

Look Both Ways - Some Photography Advice
Look Both Ways - Some Photography Advice

There’s something about light coming through a translucent object (my favorite subject is plants) that gives it a glow, imparting an additional level of interest beyond shape and color.

In a given photograph, consider that it may have something do with the direction of the light source.

Whenever I happen upon a botanical photo op, I make sure to explore it from as many sides as possible, and often am pleased that I didn’t stop at the first obvious, pleasing shot. 


Look Both Ways - Some Photography Advice
Look Both Ways - Some Photography Advice

I came upon these pretty tufts of pink, fluffy flowers while hiking in Tucson, the sun was behind my back and therefore the light was falling on them in the same direction from which I was coming.

Pretty enough, so I took a photo.  

But I knew I might not be done shooting till I walked past them along the hiking trail, viewing them from the various directions as I passed by. When I got to the other side of them, such that the light of the sun was coming through them into the lens of my camera – viva la difference!

The pinks are lit up, the fine, translucent fibers catch and throw the light around causing a glow as if they were plugged in and taking on a life of their own.  


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