Welcome to My World of Photography!

I’m so grateful to have been born in the USA! 

My refugee parents brought only a few treasures from the old country, one of them being a camera.  As far back as I can remember, my father was the one to use that camera, chronicling our family’s chapters in black and white, then color.  He is likely the one from whom I got my visual memory (my Mom is more of a writer) and demonstrated to me the effectiveness of conveying ideas, memories and experiences through photographs.  How important it always was to own and tote along that camera!  Who would have thought back then that cameras would be as ubiquitous as they are now? 



I am what we here in Arizona call  “semi-native” since I’ve lived over half my life in Arizona.  Even as a 10 year old I knew I didn’t like the frigid, seemingly endless winters of the northeast and wanted to live in a warm climate. 

After college graduation and our early summer wedding in the late 70s, I got what I wanted in moving to Arizona!  As you may have heard, it’s hot in the desert, and the “but it’s a dry heat” sentiment is true – but I promise you: 110 degrees is HOT no matter how dry it is.


One of the beauties of living in Arizona its tremendous diversity of climate.  A two hour drive in the right direction gets you from one climate zone to a totally different one any time of year. 

The other beauty of living in Arizona is none other than Arizona itself!  From the crazy flora and fauna of the low desert to the  fantastical, exposed geological formations (the Grand Canyon is only the start) to majestic snow capped mountains, there’s no exhausting the visual treats that abound here.  

As an outdoorsy people, my husband and I are still exploring new places, or realizing we have to revisit an old place because there’s a facet of it we hadn’t known about before.

My favorite charity, with which I’ve been closely involved as a volunteer for over 30 years, is Compassion International.  You can give their page a deep look here:  http://www.compassion.com -and maybe you, too, will decide it’s time to change the life of a child in a meaningful way through honest, effective sponsorship.

Thank you for taking time to peruse my website and my image collection. I hope you find something that will enrich your days.